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A preorder store for the Chromatic Fates Tarot after-Kickstarter ordering. Open for a limited amount of time, this storefront allows backers and fans to nab a few items that they weren’t able to secure in the Kickstarter campaign. The estimated shipping time for these items is February 2022.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Chromatic Fates: Credit Card reminders, and more pins!
3 days ago – Thu, Sep 16, 2021 at 08:22:45 PM

Hello hello! This is a very brief update- I just want to remind everyone that your cards for Backerkit orders (Shipping, and any add-ons you may have put in your carts) will go through THIS SATURDAY. I'll send out another email on Friday.

I've also gotten what is hopefully the rest of our Rainbow Metal soft-enamel pins in the mail. I have to do quality control and counting, and pull out ones where the patina is too defective to make good pins, but hopefully we'll have enough for everyone with pins to spare!

A box of pins! Exciting!
My quality control supervisor, very exacting

The pins vary pretty widely- some of them are mostly greenish-bluish, some are mostly purple, but most are that nice range of all the colors. I want to thank Carly and Sam again for their work in designing these. Carly did SO much work with design for the project in general, including the card back, and Sam has been an absolute champion with communicating with pin manufacturers. Hilariously, our pins were sent to a Free Masons lodge by accident and had to be re-shipped. We're all learning a ton about this process. 

If you're interested in their work, Carly can be found on Instagram here:  Carly A-F 

And Sam Gauss has an Artstation here:  Sam's concept work 

If you're still looking for your Surveys, please send me a message and I'll try to solve these issues as they crop up. Also- if you haven't received a response from me for an issue that needs resolution, please send me another message via Backerkit or Kickstarter- I'm trying my best to catch up and stay on top of things but this level of organization is a learning curve for me too. I really appreciate everyone's patience and excitement. Manually adding items to orders and sending out individual surveys or card charges IS possible, so if something isn't resolved by Saturday it definitely won't be the end of the world. Fingers crossed I'll have even more positive updates on Friday. 

Have a great rest of your weeks!


Addendum: Change to Card Charging Date (and pendant info)
8 days ago – Sat, Sep 11, 2021 at 10:28:14 PM

Sending out a quick lil update here, we've gotten a lot of folks mentioning that they need more time before credit card payments go through from Backerkit, so I'm moving the charging-your-bank time to NEXT WEEKEND. Saturday morning, Pacific Standard Time. I'll make one or two more reminder posts before then. I should have more info next week as well about our box and deck bag design and other good things as well so I can bundle more updates with boring financial reminders.

Some questions that I have answers to:

Q: I've already been charged via Kickstarter, am I being charged again for the same thing?

A: No, you'll be charged by Backerkit for shipping fees and any add-ons you may have.. added-on.

Q: What happens if the charge still doesn't go through next weekend?

A: If the cards are declined, Backerkit will give me the option to re-try again later for those cards. Please try to make sure your funds are in order to cut down on confusion though.

Q: I haven't gotten a survey yet! Where is it?

A: Check your spam folders first. I've sent reminders very recently. If nothing can be found still, send me a Kickstarter message and I'll try to get back to you ASAP- I'll make sure everyone gets their deck.

Q: I've only recently backed the project through Backerkit; is my deck the same as everyone else's deck?

A: Yes!

Q: Unrelated to credit cards, I really like this gold pendant thing! Can I get it? Can I get it instead of a pin?

A: More pendant info will be available later! We're currently sorting out inventory count mixups with our manufacturer, who sent us too few of one thing and too many of another. It's very likely you'll be able to either trade the pin for the pendant or buy a pendant from our website after that's set up later this winter. Please hold off on requesting this for now, I'm not set up with the proper spreadsheets etc to handle it yet. 

Thanks for your patience everyone! I know these issues can be frustrating to a lot of people. Talk to you soon!


An Update! Charging Cards, Wallpaper, Pins and Pendants
9 days ago – Fri, Sep 10, 2021 at 11:36:36 PM

Hi everyone! 

First off- charges will be made to cards THIS WEEKEND. See end of update for more info here!

I hope you're having a good September so far. I have a brief update on Chromatic Fates! The last remaining cards are completed AND the foil designs have been completed as well! The foil design conversion process is ongoing, so far it's the biggest time sink that I hadn't anticipated, but now it's down to just file conversions into vectors that the manufacturer can turn into metal stamps.

Anyway, thank you for being so patient this summer! I have The Empress and Six of Cups for you to see first, and I made a phone wallpaper of every single card! 

Chromatic Fates wallpaper- looks great as a phone lock screen!

I'm still working on the box and the booklet writing, but I can't wait to show you all the finished designs when they're ready!

Have a look at Six of Cups- Elaine Ryan drew the Six with a great nuance that tilts the card just a little bit into the wistful or unsettling territory. The card of nostalgia, Six of Cups can represent fond memories, compassion, and the return to innocence, but it can also caution us not to become wrapped up in the past.

The Empress is really lush- I left out the typical depiction of wheat from the Waite Rider Smith card, but I included the color in the background, and incorporated the pomegranates from her original dress into the bottom of the card. Empress is a personal favorite, I tried to really convey the feeling of power and confidence and keep the plant symbolism in there too.

Art wise, those are all the updates for now! I do have a small update on the pins- They've started to arrive from the manufacturer and most of them look great, but there are a ton with flaws in the rainbow metal patina. I may have to submit a second order once I do a full quality control inventory.

BUT! We ordered pendants as well as a surprise for our overseas backers, and they came out really beautifully, so we may offer them as alternates to pins. The design was a collaboration between Carly A-F and Sam Gauss' design work, I'll show you below!


For those wondering about when charges will be charged- it's tomorrow night! I really apologize for how long this has taken- advise has varied greatly on when to charge cards, and I decided ultimately to go with doing it after we were officially locked in with our manufacturer. I sent off the card files this week, so I'm doing it after Friday's paycheck time in case that helps anyone out. Expect the charges to go through your bank this weekend.

That's all the updates I have for now! Thank you for being so kind and taking a keen interest in our project, we're inching closer and closer to having everything set up.


Chromatic Fates: Two of Wands, Pins, Vector Foils
about 1 month ago – Mon, Aug 09, 2021 at 01:18:37 AM

Hello backers!

We have a few exciting updates for you! The first of which is that our enamel pins are being ordered and we’ve gotten our first little video preview of a test print with the Rainbow Metal. You can see that below:

The second update is that our last three cards are wrapping up, the first of which is TWO OF WANDS! The Two of Wands represents the beginning of a long journey and the first steps along the path. This is an exciting time but it can also be daunting or overwhelming. If you identify strongly with the Two, you’ve moved past the idea stage of a project or endeavor and you’re ready to lay the tangible groundwork to make your dream a reality.

Two of Wands was illustrated by Jennifer Peig! If you’re a Twitter-er, Jenn is on Twitter under @jennpeig.

Our gold-foil process for the fronts of each card is coming along steadily, if a bit slowly- the process involves cutting out shapes from the original raster artwork in photoshop, and converting those shapes into paths in Adobe Illustrator, which will then all be sent to our manufacturer and used to create a metal mold that will stamp the foil onto each card face. You can see an example of the Three of Coins here, mid-process, where I’m lining up the vector shapes with their placement over top the card art.

Dealing with a little bit of offset difficulties! But the system is perfected now. Three of Coins was done by Brendan Murphy.

That’s all the project updates I have for now! I want to apologize for how much time has elapsed between Backer Updates. I know that there have been a few instances of surveys not being correctly sent out, and I’ll make sure to address those ASAP. For now please go to the Survey Recovery Page if this is you (, which should be able to help re-send survey emails if you’re still having trouble.

The Backerkit Preorder Store is closing down soon and addresses will be locked, but I won’t be having your cards charged until the end of this coming week, Friday, just in case funds have left accounts and need to be re-secured on a paycheck day. 

Our next update will be about THE BOX, The Six of Cups, and more about foil. Thank you again for all your kindness and patience. 

Surveys are Sent!
2 months ago – Sat, Jul 17, 2021 at 01:56:30 AM

Happy Friday everyone!! I apologize for the slight delay, I know I wanted to have surveys sent out a few days ago but our Backerkit page is extra locked down now with more precise inventory and everything is good to go! The surveys should be arriving in your inbox soon from Backerkit.

You may have some questions! Here are a few answers.

Q: How long will the preorder store be open for me to buy add-ons?

A: We are dealing with very limited inventory counts, so my estimate is that the stock will only be available for about two weeks. That’s just a guess though! I will update the Backerkit store with a countdown timer when appropriate.

Q: Can I have my card charged ASAP so I don’t lose track of the funds?

A: Yes, this is possible, but for my sanity I’m going to ask that you wait until Monday afternoon to send me that request.

Q: How long do I have to lock in my address for shipping?

A: Much longer! We will be locking in addresses for the Early Bird tier backers first, when we’re ready to start shipping them- hopefully around late October. Then will be the Collector’s Editions and Canvas/Acrylic Print tier backers, and everyone else’s address will be locked around January 1 2022. You will have plenty of notice.

Q: Can I buy decks for wholesale through Backerkit?

A: Unfortunately no, we’re still not doing wholesale ordering. Maybe someday we’ll have a second run of the deck but there won’t be a discount for buying multiple decks this year, and the deck limit is capped at 2 for Backerkit orders.

Q: Are the decks the same quality as the ones in the Kickstarter?

A: Yes. All decks will be the same. This limited stock is considered part of the Kickstarter’s limited-run order, which is why the inventory is restricted. They will look just the same as the Kickstarter-backed decks. We wanted to give everyone who had card or bank problems last month a chance to secure Chromatic Fates.

Q: Will adding things on affect my shipping ETA if I’m an Early Bird backer?

A: Only if those add-ons are for some reason delayed. Currently we are not expecting any delays, but Covid still has a high potential to wreak havoc with shipping. If this happens there will be shipping options available to you and we’ll let you know. There is also a small number of backers who switched from Early Bird to another tier- we’re going to do our best to maintain your first ship date.

Q: Will there be a Local Pickup option if I don’t want to pay shipping?

A: Yes- the city will be Seattle, Washington. More details will be available for this later this year if you’re interested.

Q: If shipping goes up in January will I be charged more if 2022 is my shipping ETA?

A: Nope! I am planning for this and will be covering extraneous shipping with the Kickstarter funds. Hopefully this ”incidental fund” will be minimal.

Q: When is best to have my survey in by?

A: If surveys are completed at your earliest convenience, it’ll make everything run much smoother. Every Kickstarter ends up with some stock that is rendered effectively undeliverable because of AWOL surveys- don’t let this be you! 

Q: I don’t see the survey!

A: Give it until Monday, check your spam folders, then feel free to let us know and we can have them resent.

Q: If I forget about all this will you remind me?

A: Yes! Don’t worry, I will do everything in my power to remind people about surveys as time goes on later this year.

Q: Can you remind me what I’m already getting if I backed the Collector’s or Canvas/Acrylic Print Tier?

A: You will already be getting the: pdf guidebook, altar cloth, enamel pin, 7-count sticker pack, and velvet deck bag. So only add these items in Backerkit if you’d like another!

If your question hasn’t been answered, please feel free to ask. Thank you as ever for supporting our project! Next Friday we’ll be sharing some artist spotlights and hopefully some prototype photos of our enamel pins.

Have a great weekend and see you then!